Do You Want an Angel Card or Tarot Card Reading?


When you’re looking into having a psychic reading, it can feel a little overwhelming at times. There are many options to consider and it’s best to do a little bit of research before you choose to make sure you’re heading into the type of reading you want. So, if you’ve heard of both of these readings, you might wonder, what is the difference between tarot cards and angel cards?


And you won’t be alone! Because when it comes to card readings, these two sets look pretty alike at first glance.


So – here, we thought we’d do a quick and simple run-down of these types of readings and the differences. Then, you’re free to choose which sounds right for you.


Tarot Cards


Possibly a more well-known psychic card deck is tarot cards. When you have a tarot card reading with a psychic, they will have a set of 78 cards. Each card has its own meaning and is interpreted differently. This means that tarot readers require a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide an accurate reading.


With a tarot card deck, you’ll find 22 cards, called the Major Arcana. This is the core of a tarot card deck and the cards can be read both upright or reversed, depending on how they are pulled from the deck. The remaining cards in a tarot deck are called the Minor Arcana and are split into four suits; wands, swords, pentacles and cups.


Every tarot card deck has its own style and features unique artwork but always provides an in-depth reading, with both positive and negative messages within.


Angel Cards


With an angel card reading, there is less structure and rules when it comes to the cards themselves, how they’re pulled and each card’s meaning. There is no set number of cards in a deck. Each card is illustrated with artwork and an inspirational message. This means that angel card readings tend to be more generally positive, avoiding discussions around negative or troublesome life issues you might have.


Angel card readings are meant to inspire, motivate and guide and in general, are easier and less complicated to read than tarot cards. This makes them a great starting point if card reading is brand new to you.


Difference Between Tarot Cards and Angel Cards?


So, the difference? Angel cards are simplified compared to tarot cards. They also keep things positive. Tarot card readings look at both the positive and the negative, therefore, providing a more in-depth analysis and reading.


The main difference is the structure of the cards and how they’re read. However, lots of aspects of these readings are similar. Both card readings motivate and guide and can show interpretations about relationships, love, work, money and health. Angel and tarot card readings let us explore answers within ourselves.


Having only touched the surface about the difference between tarot and angel cards you might need to do more research before you choose. Or, why not just jump in and get your first reading?