What Happens in a Psychic Reading?

Always been curious about getting a psychic reading? Maybe 2022 is the perfect time to delve into the spiritual world and try out a reading for yourself. And now with online psychic readings, you can be chatting to a psychic in minutes. But what’s it all about and what actually happens? Let’s take a look.


What is a psychic reading?


If we start with the basics, a psychic reading is a discussion between yourself and a person with psychic abilities. This person may be able to connect with energies or engage with a heightened perception. This helps you uncover truths about your past, present or future. Or all three. Psychics work in many ways. Some interpret cards, some use your physical hands to do a reading and some work through spiritual energy alone.

What to expect from psychic readings?


Thinking about your expectations of a reading? Make the most of the experience by going into it with an open mind. Most psychics say that it’s a much smoother and more enjoyable experience (for both parties) when reading for someone open to the experience. Feeling sceptical can come with the territory. But heading into a reading expecting the worst and closing yourself off to possibilities can make it incredibly difficult for a psychic to accurately connect with yourself. And your energy.


Online Readings


If you’re looking at online psychic readings, you won’t be having your reading face to face, but instead, over the phone. This is a different experience to sitting down in the same room as a psychic but it can be just as magical and enlightening.


Before your call begins, you should find yourself a quiet and comfortable space to sit in peace throughout the duration of the call. Try to ensure you find a space that will allow you to be uninterrupted, whether your call is five minutes or an hour.


Try to prepare even a little for your reading by taking some time to think about the issue or issues you’d like to discuss during your meeting. The clearer these are in your mind, the easier your psychic will find it to tap into your energy. This will help to get a better read on you. Prepare some questions and expect to offer them up to the psychic, allowing them time to go through their process and come back to you with responses to both wider and more specific questions.


Although it might be tempting to hold information back to ‘test’ your psychic, this may actually be counterintuitive if you’re looking for an in-depth read. The more open you are, the more accurately your psychic will be able to engage with you throughout the experience. Expect the reading to serve as a guide. One that might help you to make some of the bigger decisions in life with wider clarity.

What To Expect


In short, from a psychic reading, you can expect a unique experience. At worst. Many people come out of a reading feeling empowered, motivated and joyful. Some, even at peace with certain issues in their lives.  The best thing to do is to remain open-minded to your psychic and enter into the reading with honesty. This will help them to connect with your energy and gain a better understanding of you.


So, will this year be the year you decide to try psychic readings for yourself? Explore the world of online psychic readings and chat on the phone with psychics directly with platforms like Psychic Sofa or Mystic Sense. Not sure what to ask? Check out 10 Questions to Ask in a Psychic Reading for inspiration.