How to Tell If a Psychic Is Real or Fake


Been thinking about going to a psychic reading for the first time? But not sure if they’re the real deal or not? The world of psychics generates a lot of debate. Millions of people all over the world believe in psychic ability and put their trust in their chosen psychics to help them through tough times and offer guidance. Millions of others don’t believe it for a second and shout out about psychics being fakes and fraudsters. So, who is right? And how can you tell if a psychic is real or ready to scam you?


Don’t worry – there are a few simple tips we can offer to decipher the good from the bad. The gifted from the scammers. So, make sure you always follow this advice before signing up and – most importantly – paying a new psychic.


Check Out Their Credentials – And Reviews!


First and foremost, most experienced and successful psychics have some sort of online presence. Thanks to Google and social media, it’s not too difficult to find a psychic online – alongside anything that has been said about them, both good and bad.


So, do your research! Before you meet with a psychic for a reading, get online and look them up properly. They should have reviews and testimonials from past clients who can confirm that they’ve had a great experience. Of course, just because one person has loved a psychic and seen predictions come true, doesn’t mean it will happen to you. But these testimonials should give you a good idea and also show you any red flags to watch out for.


You can also see if your chosen psychic works on any online platforms, like Psychic Sofa or Kasamba. If they’ve partnered up with a trusted psychic reading provider like this, chances are that someone has vetted them beforehand and certified that they do indeed have a gift. These platforms will usually also offer the chance to read more testimonials from past readings.


Learn More About It


Another way to research if a psychic is real or fake is to learn more about the practises yourself. For example, if you’re looking for a tarot card reader – do you know much about tarot? Do you know what to expect in a reading and how it usually plays out? If not, how will you know if the psychic in question is cheating you of a genuine experience? The more you know about how psychic readings work, the more likely you’ll be able to sniff out a scammer and enjoy the real deal.


Watch How They Speak to You


When you’re in a psychic reading with a psychic for the first time, you’ll want to pay attention to how they go about the reading. How they speak to you. Are they connecting with spirit guides and coming back to you with information? Or are they simply digging for answers from you by asking lots of questions?


In general, psychics shouldn’t start the session by asking you lots of specific questions. So, if you think they’re creating a discussion only from the things you’re telling them, you might have discovered a fake.


Do They Offer Money Back?


Most legitimate psychic readers will offer you the chance to get your money back or at least try again at another reading if they are unable to connect with the spirit world for you. Depending on what kind of psychic you are seeing, this might work a little differently.


If your chosen psychic doesn’t offer this in any way if you don’t get any answers or spiritual connection during your reading, you might be looking at a con artist who is there to grab the cash and run.


Is the Psychic Trying to Shock You?


Think about the kind of information your psychic is giving to you. Are they communicating messages that are going to help you? Or are they aiming to shock and even scare you? Some ‘psychics’ tend to do this so that you leave the reading feeling overwhelmed and therefore like you feel you’ve had a psychic experience. But in actual fact, a real psychic would never aim to scare or intensely shock you. Instead, a real psychic would more likely help to validate what they are saying to you and help you to work out what it means for you.


If you get the feeling that a psychic you’re seeing is trying to shock or scare you into having more readings to find out more information, chances are they’re not genuine. And even if they do have a genuine gift, they’re not using it in a professional or kind way by trying to encourage you to come back and spend more money. It might be worth trying again with a different psychic and seeing if you have a more positive experience.


Listen to Your Instincts


Sometimes, you’ve just got to trust your gut. If you’re not comfortable when you meet or speak to your chosen psychic and something tells you that things aren’t quite right, listen to your instincts. Even if it turns out that the psychic is legit, if you don’t feel comfortable and calm throughout your reading, you’re not going to have the best possible experience anyway. So, if you feel like things are off – call it a day and try again another time with someone else.




Because the psychic world is certainly not black and white, finding out whether a psychic is real or fake will never be easy. There may some trial and error and times when you need to listen to your intuition. And there may be a need for you to do some extra digging before you feel ready to commit to a reading. But it’s worth the wait. Don’t get scammed and don’t let the fakes out there spoil the experience of a psychic reading with a legit and genuine psychic.


Any tips we’ve missed out? Let us know!