Is a Clairvoyant the Right Psychic for You?



Many different labels are thrown around when it comes to the more general world of psychics. Clairvoyance is one that pops up fairly regularly. But what is a clairvoyant? What does it mean and how does it differ from other types of psychics that don’t go by this name? Here, we take a closer look.


Clairvoyant is a word that many people use to describe a psychic. In fact, being psychic is all about being able to tap into your intuition. Many people say that everyone has psychic abilities but not everyone is able to hone and use them. And since everyone has a certain level of intuition, maybe this is the case. When it comes to a clairvoyant, this refers to one of four ‘clairs’ of psychic intuition.




Clairvoyance refers to the extrasensory ability to ‘see’. So, this is where psychic readers are able to see and use images they receive to pass on messages. Often these images can be metaphors that need to be translated or deciphered depending on the reading. Sometimes, they might be very basic and clearly refer to an issue or situation of the person having the reading.


A psychic with a clairvoyant ability might start to see these relevant images before the reading has even begun – and in some cases, before they have even met their client. They then use what they can ‘see’ and interpret the images throughout the reading.




Clairaudience refers to a psychic ability to clearly ‘hear’. In these cases, the person with the psychic gift receives their messages audibly, through voices and sounds. This is usually a sound or voice that they are used to and would be the same for each and every reading rather than them experiencing different voices for each person they read.


These voices come through in readings, much like the images that a clairvoyant psychic might see. These words can then be interpreted depending on the individual reading.




Clairsentience is all about feelings. A psychic that reads in this way will get a gut feeling that will tell them the information that they need to know for their reading. In other cases, they may ‘feel’ the emotions of the reading or even the pain or physical feelings involved in the reading.




Claircognizance is clear knowing. Possibly one of the harder abilities to explain or understand, a psychic that reads using this gift will ‘just know’ the information as the reading goes on. This extrasensory knowing is how they will pass on the important messages to the person having the reading.



Many psychics are able to use all of these four types of psychic intuition to help them do a reading. Many will just use one or two of the abilities to read. But each works in its own distinct and fascinating way. Of course, there are also psychic mediums, tarot card readers and many other types of psychic gifts that people use to pass on messages. The question is, which one calls out to you the most?