Where to Go for an Online Psychic Reading


If you’re looking for the best psychic readings online this year, you’re in the right place. Here, we’re taking a look at the platforms and websites that offer online psychic readings or phone readings. Let us do the work and compare the options. Then, you’re free to choose the one that works for you!


When it comes to looking for the best psychic readings, we’re looking for genuine and real talent (which means amazing reviews and testimonials to prove it!). Easy to use and customer-friendly interfaces. Great customer service – and value for money. And there is lots of competition out there!


Here are the sites that made it to our list for 2022.




Psychic Sofa

Best Psychic Readings Websites for 2022 Psychic News

Psychic Sofa is one of the leading psychic websites in the UK. With a history of 20+ years in the industry, the best Brit psychics know and work with Psychic Sofa and people looking for a reading are connecting through this platform.


One of the best things about the way Psychic Sofa works is that it’s super easy and simple to find a reader you like. The site is easy to use, allows you to browse all the psychic readers – which includes mediums, clairvoyants, tarot card readers and more – and see who is available right now. Once you’ve picked who you want to speak with, it’s just one call and you’re through and chatting.


Rated the highest out of all similar sites on Trust Pilot, Psychic Sofa continuously seems to be highly ranked and reviewed. A few of the latest comments on the trusted review site state the amount of psychic talent and the ease of use as major selling points for Psychic Sofa.


PS has also recently launched its own app – which can be downloaded from the app store, making getting your psychic readings on the go even easier.


Psychic Sofa has a variety of ways you can pay for your psychic reading. These include options for a one-off call as well as plans if you know you’ll call a little more regularly. Choose to pay on your credit or debit card or you can call a premium rate number and pay through your phone bill. You can also add minutes to your wallet and use them as and when you return for more readings.



Best Psychic Readings Websites for 2022 Psychic News

Keen is another fairly straight forward website used to connect customers with psychic readers. This US-based option offers psychic and spiritual readings as well as love readings and tarot card readings, there is plenty to choose from on Keen. They also have a sliding search featuring a price point to help you find psychics that work with your budget.


With millions of readings booked through Keen, the site has had plenty of mentions in the press. Although, without an official Trust Pilot page, ensuring authentic reviews is slightly trickier to find.


Keen allows you to browse through the listed psychic readers while you view their bio, internal review score, number of readings and pricing. With psychics setting their own prices, it’s clearly flagged next to each name how much your call would be per minute.


Keen also has a chat option for those who prefer to text than speak directly over the phone.




Best Psychic Readings Websites for 2022 Psychic News

Another psychic readings website boasting a long history is Kasamba. Offering tarot card readings, dream analysis, psychic readings, astrology and several other spiritual services, Kasamba requires registration to get started.


Once registered, you’re free to search through the categories of different psychic readings on offer. From here, you can select the psychic of your choice and start chatting. When browsing the psychics, you can read their bios, see their number of reviews (many have thousands of reviews) and take a look at their individual pricing.


Another US-based website, Kasamba is linked with hundreds of US psychics. You can head straight to their Psychic Directory to browse through the extensive list of psychics they have on offer for telephone and online readings.


Payments are kept fairly simple on this site. You can add money from your credit or debit card to your Kasamba wallet and spend that as you go. Or, you can pay for each session at the end on your card. There is also a PayPal option included.


Best Psychic Readings Websites for 2022 Psychic News

Kooma is a UK-based psychic website that works in a similar way to Psychic Sofa, previously mentioned. Slightly less easy to navigate, the platform offers a wide range of psychic readers and makes connecting pretty simple.


Choose from tarot card readers, clairvoyants, mediums and more and browse the list of psychic partners to find one that fits. By clicking into each profile, you can read their bios, read an FAQ they have prepared as well as see their testimonials from recent users.


Following the trend, you can call a number to pay on your card or you can call a mobile number to have the session charged to your phone bill.


Kooma states themselves that they’re all about the quality of your sessions and the talent they source, which is reflected in their own online web reviews. However, their Trust Pilot score of 3.1 brings them out average when compared to other similar platforms.



The Circle

Best Psychic Readings Websites for 2022 Psychic News

All about finding quality psychics, The Circle is another long-standing website that’s worth taking a look at. With a slightly dated navigation, you’ll again find tarot card readers, mediums and clairvoyants to connect with.


Browse The Circle’s list of psychic partners in the same way as the other platforms. Read their bios and see their reviews and once you’ve chosen a psychic you like, you just call up with their PIN and get connected. You can also ring the sales team to connect you if that’s easier.


With a few different payment plans to choose from, you can pay per minute on each session or purchase packages of minutes in advance to use as and when you please.


The Circle has a pretty average rating of 3.4 on Trust Pilot but again, you can read their individual testimonials on the site.




Does your near future hold a psychic reading? Been looking for the best psychic readings and you’ve found one that we haven’t listed? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know and get in touch through our Contact page!