Different Types of Psychics and Psychic Readings


Are you thinking about going for a psychic reading? But you’re not sure which kind of psychic is right for you? There are many different types of psychics that practice a wide range of psychic readings. So, before you choose and go, it’s certainly worth doing a little more research. The style and type of reading you’re looking for will determine the type of psychic you choose. So, an angel card reading would be a completely different experience from a medium or numerology reading, for example.


Here, we’re looking into some of the different types of psychics so you can choose the style that would suit you best.


Angel Card Readings


Angel card readings are an uplifting experience designed to inspire and motivate. A reading like this is carried about by a psychic using a deck of cards. Each card has an image and a specific and unique message or meaning. Depending on how these cards are pulled throughout your discussion, your psychic will interpret the meaning behind them that is relevant to you.


An angel card reading can be a great idea to gain a new and fresh perspective. Whether you’re looking at a relationship or a career change, an angel card reading can allow you to see potential opportunities and often offer a positive twist or outlook on things happening currently in your life.


Tarot Card Readings


Tarot card readings are another psychic reading practised using a deck of cards. While it’s a similar concept to angel cards, tarot card readings are often a little more in depth, including both negative and positive guidance and details. Where angel card readings are usually focused on just the positive.


A tarot card deck has 78 cards in total. Each card has a specific meaning which will then be related to your individual reading and discussion with your psychic. Cards can be read upright or reversed depending on how they are pulled from the deck so require in-depth knowledge and experience from a psychic to accurately read.


In the deck of 78 tarot cards, there are 22 cards in what is called the Major Arcana. These are the main or core of the deck and focus on the major events in your life in a more long-term sense. The rest of the cards are called the Minor Arcana and these are split into four suits; the cups, the pentacles, the wands and the swords. These cards are no less important but usually refer to more temporary or ‘right now’ events happening in your life.


A tarot card reading can be an exciting and enlightening experience, giving you insight into your past, what’s happening right now and also your potential future. It’s best to go into a tarot reading with an open mind but also with a focus on one or two topics you’d like to discuss with your psychic, depending on the cards that are pulled for you.


Psychic Medium Readings


Psychic medium readings often focus on connection with the spirit world. A medium has extrasensory abilities where they can tap into other realms or worlds enabling them to connect with spirits in this life and the past life. While a medium can never guarantee that they will be able to contact a specific loved one who has passed, many people experience this journey during a reading.


There are many different types of mediums and the ways in which they connect with the spirit world differ. It’s always best to research the psychic medium you plan to have a reading with and discover their individual gifts and abilities to see if it will fit with the style of reading you’re looking for.


Clairvoyant Readings


Someone who is a clairvoyant psychic has an ability to use extrasensory perception to access their ‘third eye’. As well as often being able to access the spirit world and communicate through realms.


There are four types of clairvoyants who ‘see’ and practice readings slightly differently. A clairvoyant (which is the most commonly known name for all of these types of psychic readers) is someone who is clear seeing, so uses images to carry out their readings. Clairsentience is a psychic who has the gift of clear feeling, meaning that they feel throughout their readings. Clairaudience psychics are clear hearing. This means they use voices and sounds to carry out their readings. And finally, psychics with claircognizance are clear knowing. So, they gain knowledge throughout their readings that they can then go on to share.


From horoscope to dream readings, clairvoyant psychics are able to look at the past, present and future and often gain information from objects, people or locations. This kind of reading is often a great choice for people searching for some extra guidance.


Numerology Psychic Readings


Numerology is another completely different style of psychic reading. Dating back into ancient history, numerology is a practice that studies the relevance and significance of specific numbers to an individual person.


During a numerology reading, your psychic will do certain calculations based on numbers that flag up for you. And these calculations will then allow them to do your unique reading, looking at your personality traits, the way that you communicate with others and so much more. This kind of reading can be incredibly insightful if you’re interested in learning more about yourself.


A complex practice that is carried out differently by every psychic, it can be fascinating to discover the special meanings behind numbers that appear in your life. From your birth date to your unique life path number, these numbers are believed to all be a part of an intricate system that makes up the universe as a whole.



When it comes to choosing which kind of psychic to visit, take some time to work out what you want to get from your visit. What is important to you? Are you looking for guidance? Or are you hoping to get answers to questions from the past? Considering all of these things will help you to best determine the kind of psychic you want to experience a reading with.


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