Re-Set Your Energy with a Quick Aura Cleanse Today


If you’re big on energy, you’ll really notice when something is a little ‘off’ with yours. When you don’t feel like yourself or something inside just isn’t quite right, cleansing your aura could be exactly what you need. Resetting your energy and giving yourself a refresh from the inside, cleansing your aura can actually come with several key benefits. Many of which we’ll touch on here. Alongside some of the quick ways you can cleanse your aura at home today – with no experience needed.


What Is an Aura?


Your aura is an energetic field that surrounds you. This energy radiates from the inside but is also affected by both positive and negative externally. You may have heard it labelled as simply a ‘vibe’ by some. This refers to your vibrational frequency. This is again affected by other people’s vibrational frequency and in turn, yours can affect theirs.


Protecting your energy and aura can have a huge impact on how you feel, how you’re able to function in day to day life and how you interact with others. So, if you’re noticing that your aura or your vibe feels off, this might be the perfect time to try out a cleanse.


Why Would I Cleanse My Aura?


Millions of people around the world claim they experience benefits from cleansing their aura regularly. Doing a practice like this can help to clear anxiety and stress as well as general feelings of lethargy or reduced energy. Sometimes there are times when you’ve been around people who have had a negative energy that you can feel has rubbed off on you. This would be a perfect time to give your aura a cleanse and get back to a positive mindset.


How to Cleanse Your Aura

There are many ways in which people cleanse their aura. The best way to find out which one works for you most effectively is to try them out with an open and calm mind.




Working with sage is a popular choice for a quick and effective aura cleanse. This is often also referred to as smudging and can be done with other herbs but sage is one of the most popular and common herbs for an aura cleanse. Simply burn the sage and let the smoke wash over your body whichever location you’ve chosen for your cleanse. You could team this with a quick meditation to focus on bringing back your positivity for the most effective use of sage.




Cleansing literally and figuratively, any kind of bath is a great way to cleanse your aura. Whether you use your bathtub filled with warm water and salts or dip into the sea for a touch of nature, visualise your cleanse while you bathe for maximum results. A plunge into a cold pool of water of some kind is also a great way to use water to refresh your aura and kick-start a new momentum. Many people also simply use the rain to aura cleanse if nature opens up at the right time for you. Take a walk in the rain and let the fresh, natural water wash over you and take away any negativity you might be holding onto.




Many people use crystals as a way of cleansing their aura. If you’re new to crystals, it might feel a little overwhelming to start your collection but for the purpose of cleaning your aura, it’s best to choose calming and neutral stones. Amethyst and moonstones are popular and beautiful choices when it comes to cleansing.


You can use your crystals in many different ways but some of the most popular and common ways to get the most out of your crystals is to either use them during a meditation and place them on your skin throughout or to wear your crystals in the form of jewellery or inside your purse or bag so that they are always close to you.




Getting out into the sun with purpose is a beautiful and natural way to do an aura cleanse outside in the open air. On a sunny day, find a quiet and peaceful location where you can position yourself directly in the sun’s light. Take some silent moments to yourself in the sun to focus on the negative energy you are leaving behind and the high vibrational and positive energy you are welcoming in with each and every ray of sunshine.




Another form of meditation, breathwork is a focused way you can commit to cleansing your aura. And this can be done in any location at any time of day so is one of the most flexible things you can do. Make yourself comfortable and shut down your eyes. Breathwork is all about controlling your breathing with counts so that your mind is focused solely on your breath and nothing else. This will free your mind and rid you of negative lingering energy, displacing it with focus, calmness and freedom to be positive.

If you’ve never cleansed your aura before, take this as a sign from the universe to give it a go. See how it makes you feel. Maybe it will be a new weekly ritual you can add to your routine to help ease tension, stress and any other negativity and set you on a more positive and happy trajectory in life and beyond.