Wondering when the next Mercury in Retrograde will rock your world?


Often thrown off balance to then realise you’ve yet again been affected by the dreaded Mercury in Retrograde? You might want to add these dates to your diary. Because 2022 is serving up quite a few moments that you’re going to want to be aware of. Four to be exact. And if you’re not sure what this even is, don’t worry. Keep reading and we’ll run through it all.


What does Mercury in Retrograde Mean?


Whether you’re into astrology or not, you’ve probably heard of the phrase ‘mercury in retrograde’, right? And usually, not for the best reasons. But what does this actually mean? Simply put, several times in a calendar year, the planet Mercury goes into ‘retrograde’. This means that it moves in an opposite direction to Earth, rather than in line with it. This cosmic shift happens because Mercury orbits the sun in only 88 days compared to the Earth’s 365-day orbit.


Why do we care?


The reason people care so much about this happening is to do with astrology. Mercury rules communication, travel and even tech (according to astrology). So, when Mercury is in retrograde and therefore, moving ‘backwards’, things can seem to go wrong. And the blame is often put onto this astrological occurrence.


So, things like miscommunications and misunderstandings, hiccups in plans or trips and even technological failures are blamed on this retrograde.


Depending on your sign, it can also affect things like emotion, energy levels and even focus and anxiety.


Mercury in Retrograde Dates for 2022


Want to be prepared for 2022? Add these dates to your calendar.


  • Jan 13th – Feb 3rd
  • May 10th – June 2nd
  • September 9th – October 1st
  • December 28th – January 18th (2023)


What to do when Mercury is Retrograde?


The best thing about knowing your dates for retrograde is that you can mentally prepare. Now that you’re aware of when things might feel a little off, try to be a little more flexible with your plans and timings. Watch out for not feeling quite yourself during these dates and perhaps avoid making big decisions during this time. Especially, if you know that it does affect your mood or energy.


This time can also be used as a fantastic chance to sit back and reflect. While you’re taking a short break from overworking and smashing out the bigger decisions, you might find yourself uncovering a new, fresh perspective on things.



How does Mercury in Retrograde affect you? And now that you can expect the dates, will you change things up a little in preparation? We’d love to hear how in our comments section!