Routines & Habits to Change your Mindset


Heard of implementing morning or daily rituals to improve your day and even your life? Everyone seems to be talking about rituals these days. So, what are they? And why do people say they change their lives?


Rituals are more intentional practices than just your regular routine. They’re designed to make you feel better. In the moment and all day long too. So, why not give one or more of these a try for yourself?


Gratitude Daily Rituals


Many people’s favourite daily ritual is to start the day with a gratitude list. Simply grab a notepad and scribble down everything you are grateful for in the moment. It might be similar every day or new things might pop up as you go. But this practice really helps you to focus on the amazing things you have already in your life before the day even begins.


Start Using Affirmations


Affirmations are simply short sentences that ooze positivity. For example, it might be ‘I am calm and patient’ or ‘Today is going to be a really good day’. Whatever means the most to you, write down and place somewhere you can see every morning or start to say your chosen affirmations to yourself in the mirror each day until you truly believe them.


Create a Vision Board – And Make it Daily Rituals


Packed with snapshot visuals of anything you dream of for yourself for the future, a vision board helps you to put down on paper (or whatever form you choose) your big goals in life. Take the time to make this for yourself and look at it with intention every single day until you achieve those goals one by one.


Start the Morning Well


Mornings are so important. And starting them calmly and with a positive mindset can disperse into your everyday. So, whatever that means to you, try and create your ritual. Maybe it’s 10 minutes of yoga before your shower or maybe it’s getting up 30 minutes early to walk the dog before work with a coffee in hand – decide what would make you feel good and stick to it!


Create a Feel-Good Playlist – And Listen Every Morning


Everyone has a few songs in mind that just make them feel good. Right? Make yours into a playlist and play it every morning at the same time. Whether that’s coffee time or getting ready time for you – or even in the car – it’s sure to get you in the best mood to start the day.


Commit a Few Minutes to Breathwork


Not sure what breathwork is? Easy, it’s just breathing. With intention. So, all you need to do is find a quiet and calm space, close down the eyes and focus on your breathing. Maybe try counting inhales and exhales. Just a couple of minutes of this intentional breathwork can help to calm the mind and reduce anxiety.


Make Nightly To-Do Lists Daily Rituals


Depending on what kind of person you are (and what you do for a living), making to-do lists for the next day ahead of time can release anxiety and stress and centre the mind. It can also stop you from running over your next day’s plans while you’re trying to nod off at night.


Start Getting Psychic Readings – Maybe Not Daily Rituals


Ok, so maybe this one isn’t a ‘daily’ ritual. We’re sure you don’t need to check in with a psychic every single day. But this one could maybe be a monthly ritual? A once a month self-love check-in to give you a boost of empowerment? That sounds good to us!


Psychic readings are on the rise at the moment. And one reason for that could be the general uncertainty in life. Another reason might be that with everything going on in the world, people are starting to be slightly more open-minded. And that’s something we love. So, whether you go to a psychic for advice, guidance, support or general interest in what they might predict for you – add it to your new rituals list and see what you think!


Think you could add one or more of these daily rituals into your routine? Give it a try and let us know if it makes you feel different.