Look for These Soulmate Signs in Your Relationship


Do you believe in soulmates? But you’re not sure if your current love is ‘the one’? Take a look through these 10 soulmate signs to ask yourself – are they my soulmate?



You Just Know


Sounds too simple? They don’t say, ‘when you know, you know’ for no reason. Sometimes, when it’s right, you just know. You can feel it.


No Games Needed


When you’re looking for soulmate signs in your relationship, think about how you interact. Are you playing games? Or are you straight to the point? When it’s true love, there’s no need for games and you can tell each other how you feel without having to hide it.


Silence Says Everything


Are you comfortable sitting in silence together? Whether it’s the second date or the second decade together, if you’re soulmates, you’ll be able to sit in peace and quiet and feel calm and comfortable. Just being.


Are They My Soulmate? Just check Your Goals


Life goals are super important when it comes to asking ‘are they my soulmate?’. You can find things like this out fairly early in a relationship and it’s all about learning how your hopes and dreams for life align. When it’s right, even where your goals differ, they’ll be plenty of room for both.


They Inspire You


Does your other half continue to inspire you? From inspiring you to just do better and be a great person to inspiring you to take on new challenges and strive for more, this is super important when looking at soulmate signs.

You Feel What They Feel


With soulmates, you really do feel what they feel. When they’re happy and excited, you feel it too, wanting to celebrate and join in on any joy. When they’re hurting, upset or grieving, you feel it just as deeply as they do.


You Can Bring Up What Matters


If you can’t bring up subjects that you really want to talk about with your other half, can they really be your soulmate? If it’s true love, you should be able to bring up what matters most to you – even if that means a difficult discussion, debate or even argument. And yes, soulmates argue too, sometimes!


Total Trust


Not feeling jealous when you’re apart from your other half? But instead, feeling total trust in your bond with one another? Sounds like it could be soulmates to us.


You can BOTH Say Sorry


Saying sorry isn’t always the easiest thing to have to do in a relationship. But it’s one of the most important so that you can resolve and move forwards. If you’re soulmates, you should BOTH be able to say sorry when the other one needs to hear it.


They’re Your Best Friend


Finally, do you truly feel like they’re your best friend? The person you would always choose to hang out with? The person that makes you feel your best? Because surely, that’s what finding your soulmate is all about. Right?




Is your long-term relationship flagging any of the above signs? Then, maybe – just maybe – they really are your soulmate. Got any other key signs you look out for when asking ‘are they my soulmate?’ Let us know in the comments below! And maybe a psychic reading for your relationship could help too! See your latest blog – How Psychic Readings Can Help Your Relationship.