How Much Should We Rely on Our Horoscopes?


Lately, horoscopes have gotten a bit of a bad reputation. We’re talking about the headlines recently on news sites, such as this article from the Independent, claiming that horoscopes are now officially ‘bad’ for us. But why?? Let’s dive a little deeper into what the article is saying first.


In short, the article looks at people who are very regularly checking their horoscopes – every single day. These people are becoming unhealthily obsessed with checking. Relying on the predictions and behaving impulsively and irrationally due to what their prophacy says.


So, yes, we can see how this might be ‘bad’ for you. But let’s be honest, this isn’t how the majority of us use our horoscopes. And if you can feel yourself becoming reliant on the daily reading of yours or if you feel yourself behaving out of character because of something you’ve read, it’s maybe time to take a break from them.


Why Read Horoscopes?


This kind of left us wondering – why read horoscopes at all? Why do so many millions of people around the world read these spiritual predictions and nuggets of advice and guidance every month, week or even day?


For many, astrology help to offer validation and a sense of belonging. Knowing that astrology is an art and not a science, most people know that horoscopes are not exact. They won’t tell you what day you’ll fall in love or if this next career step is going to be the one that makes you millions. But more, they can help to weave your life’s past, present and future together in a way that makes a little more sense to you.


Of course, for many, it’s mostly fun. It’s fun to see if the horoscopes guidance and predictions coincide with what’s going on in your life. And it’s fun to guess what the predictions for the future refer to.


Realistically, people have been telling and reading teh Zodiac for thousands of years. There’s nothing new about astrology. But because millennials and Gen Z seem to be particularly interested in keeping up to date, they’re now under the microscope.


How to Use Your Horoscopes Healthily


So, if getting too into your horoscope is so ‘bad’ for us, how should we be using our horoscopes?


Your star sign should not be the thing that causes you to make any big decisions. Designed for comfort and even support and guidance, your horoscopes can help you to see your situation from another perspective. But it shouldn’t be swaying you entirely to make decisions.


Use horoscopes to help you better understand yourself. And others. See it as a spiritual life coach, showing you potential opportunities and asking you to questions things and situations that are making you feel uncomfortable. Learn and better understand your feelings, reactions and behaviours through them. And of course, remember to read them with an open mind and a grain of salt. Because your destiny is always in your own hands.


What’s your favourite thing about reading your horoscopes?


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