The Modern-Day Way to Get Your Psychic Readings


If there’s anything better suited to the millennials and Gen Z’s out there than a psychic app, we want to know!


At the end of last year, Psychic Sofa (a UK-based company that match up psychics with users looking for a reading) launched its app. And we’ve given it a go, of course.


A very smooth and easy to use app bursting with psychic talents, this is defo one to watch if you like telephone psychic readings, 24/7.


What is a Psychic App?


Ok, so if you’re not sure what we even mean by a psychic app, stay tuned. The Psychic Sofa app is a super user-friendly version of the website, built into your phone with a couple of great app-only perks.


The whole idea is about making connecting with a psychic for a reading much quicker and easier and with the click to call functionality in the app, it means a couple of clicks and you’re getting right into your reading – no fuss.


Head into the app and you’ll quickly see what we mean. You’ve got the option to view all available readers who are online right now. You can see their profiles and read their bios as well as see their testimonials from other users. Then, when you’ve chosen a reader that’s right for you, you just choose whether you call the number that charges your card or the number that chargers your phone bill and you’re off. Easy.


Who Is Psychic Sofa?


You’ve probably heard of Psychic Sofa if you’re into psychics and getting psychic readings, especially online or on the phone. If not, it’s a 20 year + company based in the UK that partners with the best psychics in the UK, making it easy to connect and get a reading.


Having always been online rather than face to face Psychic Sofa know how make the process of finding a psychic easier. And the launch of the new app represents this commitment to its users.


What Would I Even Ask a Psychic?


If a phone psychic reading sounds great but you’re not sure what you’d even ask, we’ve done the leg work for you. Head over to our blog 10 Questions to Ask a Psychic and we’ve got plenty of inspiration to get you thinking about what you’d ask in your reading.


Want to find out what to expect if you do opt for a psychic reading? We’ve got you covered. Head straight to our blog, What To Expect From a Psychic Reading for all the ins and outs of getting a psychic reading online or over the phone.


If you decide to DL the Psychic Sofa app, let us know your thoughts!