Most Common Questions During a Psychic Reading


If you’re thinking about connecting with a psychic, one of your first thoughts was probably, ‘what am I going to ask?’. Right? Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming before a psychic reading. You want to know about your love life. If you’re going to get promoted. Whether you should trust that friend. And if you should do the thing you’ve been putting off doing. Plus, loads more.


So, how do you actually decide which questions to ask a psychic? Because unless you’ve booked an all-day session, you’re going to have to get a little more decisive on what you’d like to discuss during your psychic reading.

10 Questions to Ask In a Psychic Reading Psychic News

Start preparing for your psychic reading by brainstorming things you’re most interested in. This will help to clear your mind and narrow down the most crucial topics you’d like to cover in your reading. Then, formulate some fairly specific questions based on these topics.


The best questions are open-ended. This allows your psychic to expand on their insights, giving you more detailed information and advice – and can also lead to them tapping into things you may never have thought about asking.


Still not sure? Check out some of the most common and helpful questions to ask a psychic during a reading for more inspiration.


What should I know about my life right now?


This is the most open question you can ask. Which is a great way to start during a psychic reading. This shows you’re open to the process and allows the psychic reader to tap immediately into anything that flags as important initially.


What should I do to help find true love?


Love and relationships are huge topics when it comes to psychic readings. When looking at love, remember to stay open-ended with questions. A question like this gives room for options and advice from your psychic. They might also want to discuss your past with you and serve insight into things you can work on within yourself before finding love.


What spirits do I have around me? – How will they help this psychic reading?


This question opens it up to the psychic to tune into whatever spirits they see or feel in connection with you. While this might not be specific to your life, it allows you to gain more knowledge about the guidance you naturally have around you. This is ideal if you’re interested in becoming more in tune with yourself spiritually.


Do the spirits see my current relationship lasting?


A question like this allows the psychic to look more specifically into your current relationship. Maybe they can see something that you can’t see or maybe they can offer a new perspective on your current situation to help answer more specific questions about how you truly feel.


Is my ex likely to come back into my life?


A question like this is a little more specific but it allows the psychic to know immediately where they should focus their energy. They might help you to further decipher if you actually want this to happen or not – which is really more important.


What can I do to get through my current situation?


Whatever is happening in your life right now causing you struggle, stress or strife, you might want to ask advice from the psychic about getting through and moving on. Although helpful and intuitive to your specific situation, a question like this is still open enough for the psychic to delve deeper and provide more detail.


How can I progress in my career?


Lots of people come to psychics to discuss career moves and possibilities. When talking about this during your psychic reading, keep open while centring on work. A psychic may be able to advise on steps you can take to reach your goals as well as give insight into certain things and situations to look out for and keep your eye on.


Is there anything a psychic reading can tell me about my physical health?


Psychics (trusted psychics) will never talk specifics when it comes to health or illness. This is mainly because they know that they’re not qualified doctors and would never want you to use their advice and disregard looking into anything with a doctor who will always know best when it comes to health.


However, they can often look into energies and decipher certain things that are going on or may be worth looking further into. Psychics could also discuss health with you in terms of advice on how to lead a healthier lifestyle, looking at your past and present situation.


How can I achieve my financial goals?


Obviously, a psychic is not a financial advisor. And should never be used as one to discuss specifics and important choices. However, a psychic can read into your relationship with money in the past and present and how this may affect your future situation.


You could look at how you deal with money and advise on better ways to manage your finances for a stronger future.


What does my future hold?


Another great topic to discuss with a psychic is your future. A common question during readings is an open-ended one, such as ‘what does my future hold?’. This could help confirm or question certain aspects of your life. A reading like this could even help you with the direction of your future if you’re unsure.


Whether you’re talking about the next couple of years or your time on a grander scale, the future is always an interesting topic choice during a psychic reading.

10 Questions to Ask In a Psychic Reading Psychic News


When you’re deciding what topics you’d like to discuss before your psychic reading, think about the kind of questions you can ask. If you can discuss topics with open questions, this allows more room for the psychic to expand on their answers and give you as much insight as possible.


Try to stick to just a couple of topics to allow for more detail to come out. This will also keep your mind clear and focused, which will help the psychic to read your energy more accurately.


Lastly, try to embrace an open and positive mindset when you enter into your psychic reading. The more closed off you are to the process, the more difficult a psychic may find it to access your spirits and energies. Get the most out of every reading with an uncluttered and unguarded mind.


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