Get an online psychic reading for free – with Psychic Sofa


If cost is something that’s holding you back from delving into the spiritual world and getting your first psychic reading, we’ve discovered the perfect opportunity for you. And that is the chance to win a free psychic reading with one of the UK’s leading online psychic platforms, Psychic Sofa.


Interested? It couldn’t be easier to set yourself up with the chance to win. Keep scrolling for the details.


Win a Free Psychic Reading


We haven’t let it go unnoticed that Psychic Sofa is currently offering the chance to win a free psychic readingwith one of their partners every single week.


What’s it all about?


It’s simple – it’s a weekly prize draw! All you need to do is add your contact details so that they can get in touch if you win and you’re in for the chance to experience a 20-minute psychic reading totally free with them. This is a seriously great way to experiment and see if psychic readings are for you without the financial commitment.


After the free reading, Psychic Sofa simply ask you to give your honest feedback about your experience. And a great added extra? You get to choose the reader for your free psychic reading from the huge list of trusted psychics on the site.


Who is Psychic Sofa?


Psychic Sofa connects psychics with people who want readings online. Simple. From the site, you can browse the huge list of trusted psychics and read all about them. Choosing one and then having a reading with them over the phone as soon as they become available. There’s also now even an app you can use to make it even easier if you’re out and about.


Why get a free psychic reading?


Deciding to get a psychic reading is a very personal choice. You might just be curious about what they might have to say or predict for you or you might have very specific questions about choices in your life or the look of your future. Or even questions about the past. Whatever you want to talk about, a reading is a unique way to get a new perspective and insight. And the point of a free psychic reading really is to test out if it’s for you. While lots of readings are now relatively affordable, there is still a financial cost to having one. So, getting a free one is a great way to trial the process and see if you like it before investing any further. And we just love that Psychic Sofa is now offering this every week.


So, will you be trying out a psychic reading this year? And what will you be asking if you do? If you manage to win a free reading, remember to come back and leave us a comment so that we can see! And best of luck if decide to enter the draw!